Mindset of an Athlete Academy focuses on self-development, introspection, and exploration. You will learn how to deconstruct messages you have been taught, embrace and utilize emotions, as well as find motivation and inspiration to create. These courses provide the opportunity for you to have a space where you are able to challenge your fears and doubts and produce ideas, projects, and concepts which have been creating dust in your creative mind. By signing up for this school, and enrolling in the provided courses, you will acknowledge the ways you have limited yourself and discover you no longer have excuses!

"A blank page is no empty space. It is brimming with potential... It is a masterpiece in waiting--yours."

- AA Patawaran

Person holding magnifying glass over a collection of items with two $20 bills in focus
Photographer holding camera, standing near a rock

noun | the established set of attitudes held by someone

Surfer riding a wave with other surfers and photographers in the water
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Video camera recording

noun | a person who is proficient in sports and  other forms of physical exercise

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Hi, I’m Millicent Sykes!

Mindset of an Athlete is a concept coined to showcase the power of the mind in tunneling our energy and effort to maximize desired production. I am a former athlete, film enthusiast, and avid art lover, and a consultant for aspiring artists. I have seen tremendous advancements in my life in a multitude of ways from setting the intention of prioritizing my health and well-being, and identifying and processing my blindspots and areas of growth. I look forward to having you in my courses and learning more about you and your aspirations!